The Special Teams Approach

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In this approach, you organize a team of two articulate DeMolays and one articulate advisor.  Using names supplied by Chapter members and other sources, the team makes appointments and call on prospects and their parents in their homes.  The objective should be to spend no more than 60 minutes in the home and to come away with a completed membership application and check.  At the very least, the team should leave the prospect with the completed application and sufficient information to make a decision.

The team needs to dress nicely (depending on the comfort level of the prospect and his parents, you may even want to go in suit and tie).  From the time you arrive, tactfully make it clear that the team is there to talk exclusively about DeMolay to the young man and his family – that he has been selected for membership out of a large group of potential members.

Eliminate distractions such as the TV, radio or CDs, pets, and smaller children.  Get to the point.

If you don’t leave with the membership application completed and a check, arrange to meet again in 24-48 hours to get them.  Success using this method runs as high as 90%; but it all hinges on the ability of the team and quality of the names it is given.

It is important that the team works hard to sell DeMolay to the youth as well as the parents. Focus on the Fun, Brotherhood, Events (both Chapter and state level) and exciting things that they get to do in DeMolay. Also, take advantage of sharing with parents the overall  focuses, teaching, and advancements that being a member of DeMolay will offer. Discuss scholarships, leadership, public speaking, event planning, and budgeting.

Setting Up the Visit:

  1. Make initial contact by mail. The Chapter should develop a letter and put it on letterhead.  Make it look impressive.
  2. There should be two letters – one to the parents and one to the potential member.
  3. Enclosed in each letter you should include information about DeMolay and a copy of the Chapter’s calendar of events.
  4. Both letters should state that you will personally be in touch by phone (or e-mail) to set up a visit. Two or three days after the letters are received, make contact and set up an appointment to visit.  Make contact with both the potential member and his parents.  When you call, do not ask, “When can we come over to talk to you about DeMolay?”  Instead, offer a suggested date: “We would like to come over and talk to you and your parents about DeMolay.  What day would be best for you, Tuesday or Wednesday?”

The Visit:

  1. Ideally two DeMolays and one experienced DeMolay Advisor.
    1. One DeMolay should be an experienced recruiter.
    2. The other DeMolay should know the prospect.
  2.  Look good. Your appearance is important.  Look neat and clean; jeans and sneakers don’t measure up to a first-class organization.
  3. Keep it SHORT and SIMPLE. Take no more than 60 minutes.
  4. Always be prompt.
  5. Always be positive and enthusiastic.
  6. Don’t sell DeMolay too hard. An honest presentation is best; let DeMolay sell itself.

What to Say:

  1. Know ahead of time what you will cover and how you will cover it.
  2. Be organized. It’s the key.
  3. Prepare an outline of what will be said and who will say it.
  4. Share the presentation. One person should not do all the talking.
  5. Encourage questions.
  6. The advisor should be there to support the DeMolays, not to do all the talking.

What to Bring:

  1. Brochures on DeMolay that are professionally printed.
  2. Copies of recent Chapter publications.
  3. Photos of Chapter events and activities.
  4. Copy of the Calendar of Chapter activities.
  5. Membership Application- most important!


  1. Remember the objective is to leave the meeting with a completed and signed membership application and check.
  2. Not everyone will sign-up immediately. Prospects and parents often want to discuss what you said privately before making a decision. Respect their right to do that.
  3. If you leave without a completed and signed membership application and check, be sure to check back in 24-48 hours so you can offer to answer any further questions and stop by and pick up the application and check.
  4. Invite the prospect and parents to Chapter activities. Don’t wait for the initiation.
  5. Tell them when the initiation will be held.  Invite the parents to attend.

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