Level One: Physiological / Basic Needs


Maslow’s Definition:

Physiological needs are the physical requirements for proper operation.  If these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will ultimately fail. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important and should be met first. Examples of Maslow’s Physiological needs are: water, food, shelter, clothes, and sleep.

DeMolay’s Basic Needs:

While a Chapter may not have Physiological needs like a human, a Chapter does have some basic needs without which no further development can happen.  In no particular order, we have identified to following basic needs:

  • Member(s)
  • Advisor(s)
  • Common Goal / Ideals / Desire to Belong – DeMolay is defined by the seven precepts and bulworks. While not explicit, a general desire to belong to an organization that ascribes to these high ideals of becoming better young men or in the case of Advisors, helping others become better young men is the glue that necessarily binds us.  Without this common purpose, there cannot be any group mentality.
  • Parental Support (for members under 18) – DeMolay is fundamentally a youth organization that spans the teenage years.  As such, without parental support, the organization would be confined to older DeMolays who may or may not have time to participate and develop as younger members might.
  • Meeting Location (Facility) – As a basic need, a place to meet does not need to be a lodge room or masonic building, however there needs to be a meeting location where the Members and Advisors can express their collective committments toward our common goals and ideals.
  • “Sparkplug” Catalyst – Individual Driving Progress – The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead even more than teamwork.  Each movement or organization begins with the efforts of a catalyst individual who fuels the energy of the program. A Chapter only truly fails when there is no one left fighting for growth.  In the beginning, Dad Land had an idea, that young men who’s fathers had left for the war needed guidance.  His energy and efforts behind this effort are what lit the fire of DeMolay.  A few generations removed, it is now our turn collectively to pick up the torches and bring the light to our communities.

What Does This Look Like:

While in this phase, a Chapter will likely have a few members and Advisors who meet once or twice per month for informal meetings. In these base level days, the Chapter is typically held together and motivated by an individual Member or Advisor who is motivating the others to be involved.  While it is important to seek additional Members and Advisors to ensure that the Chapter does not fail for lack of interest, large scale membership recruitment is not the goal of this phase.  At this phase, it is most important that the Chapter meet and reinforce DeMolay’s ideals of comradeship and belonging.

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