• Advisor Training

    14 Lessons

    DeMolay is known for its ability to train good young men to be better.  It would be inaccurate to state, however, that DeMolay Advisors do not also derive growth and development through their own interactions with DeMolay.  This course is dedicated to providing supplemental Advisor Training to assist those who volunteer to help advise the …

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  • Membership Recruitment

    2 Lessons

    Sample language discussing the Membership Course.

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  • Hi, Dad! A Story about Frank S. Land and the Order of DeMolay

    20 Lessons in

    "The life story of Frank Sherman Land is the story of the Order of DeMolay. One would not be complete without the other. So begins the Reverend Herbert Ewing Duncan, as he weaves together the biography of a remarkable man with the history of the creation and promotion of the Order of DeMolay.

  • Masonic Family

    9 Lessons

    This course highlights the Masonic Family, what they do, and what they preach.

  • Merit Bars

    20 Lessons

    Merit Bars are awards that recognize DeMolays for achievement in some phase of Chapter activity. They are awarded on the recommendation of the Awards Advisor. Keep tack of your Merit Bars here.  If you do not have enough points, events or miles to earn a specific bar, enter the information that you do have and …

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    4 Lessons

    Nearly every member of the Order of DeMolay has the ambition of serving his Chapter as Master Councilor. When this goal is within sight as you move up through the Councilor chairs, you should set another goal – that of earning the Past Master Councilor’s Meritorious Service Award. While the newly elected Master Councilor is …

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  • Awards & Honors

    20 Lessons in

    Those whom have received an award or have significant achievements can apply to receive their honor or award as a digital badge. Click on the appropriate Honor, Certification, or Award, attach proof or provide contact information for someone who can vouch for you and this site will issue you a digital badge.

  • Representative DeMolay

    9 Lessons

    Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward becoming a Representative DeMolay, which is one of the most challenging awards a DeMolay can earn. Dad Land himself stated often that his biggest dream is that every DeMolay would strive to be a Representative DeMolay. This program is available to DeMolays, Senior DeMolays and Advisors. The …

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  • DeMolay University Registration

    1 Lessons

    This course is a prerequisite of all content on DeMolay University. Please complete this first Course to unlock the remaining content.

  • Leadership Correspondence Course

    5 Lessons in

    Washington DeMolay is proud to bring you the Leadership Correspondence Course, the LCCs! The LCCs are open for anyone to take and are absolutely free to take. Participants outside Washington State will need to consult their Jurisdiction’s rules as to whether participation on this Website will qualify them for their Lamp of Knowledge. The primary …

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