Term / Program Planning

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Members of DeMolay govern and direct their own program activities with the assistance of their adult Advisors, based in part upon International Supreme Council program planning mandates, Chapter tradition and more localized (State and Region) customs and needs.  By engaging in program planning and execution, DeMolays develop real world leadership experience, civic awareness, and social skills in an atmosphere that is both fun and engaging.

In this course, you will learn keys to successful:

  1. Term / Program Planning
  2. Term Budgeting
  3. Installation Planning
  4. Event Planning
  5. Term Program Evaluation
  6. Long Range Planning

This course is meant to serve as a Master’s Class for Councilors looking ahead toward their own terms as Master Councilor and, somewhat practically, for those currently serving as Master Councilor or Event Chairman to plan, promote, execute and evaluate successful events.

Today, DeMolay competes with hundreds of other activities, including sports clubs, extracurricular school activities, television, social services, and video games, most of which are planned and executed at a high level.  In order to earn the attention of our members, at the exclusion of our competitors, it is vital that DeMolay commits itself to delivering the highest quality product.