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Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward becoming a Representative DeMolay, which is one of the most challenging awards a DeMolay can earn. Dad Land himself stated often that his biggest dream is that every DeMolay would strive to be a Representative DeMolay. This program is available to DeMolays, Senior DeMolays and Advisors.

The form itself is not challenging to fill out. It is challenging, however, to be completely honest about yourself when you are working on the form. Remember, that honesty is the key! The purpose of this evaluation is to help you discover those areas in which you have strength and also those that you should strengthen. This is why you are required to give a Personal Rating in each area to become a
Representative DeMolay.

You do not have to be a Master Councilor or have the Blue Honor Key to receive the Representative DeMolay Award. However, you will not receive the Representative DeMolay Award if you are not honest and thorough when reporting your DeMolay accomplishments. As you move through these modules, seek to be as honest and sincere in your self evaluation as possible. You can save your progress and come back to it as needed. We recommend that you complete the questions using Word or another text editing program to ensure proper spelling and grammar, then copying and pasting your work into the fields. You may submit the lesson modules as they are completed or wait to submit them all at once. Your final submission will not be reviewed until all lesson submissions are received, including any supplemental attachments that you provide.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Representative DeMolay.


1. Instructions / Identifying Information

This online Representative DeMolay Application is broken out to into several modules, each covering a section of the paper Representative DeMolay Application. Please complete each module and submit them at…

2. Filial Love

“…that love which existed before we were born, has remained with us all our life through, and will follow us even beyond the grave.”

3. Reverence for Sacred Things

“A young man crossing the threshold of DeMolay for the first time professes a deep and abiding faith in one living and true God.”

4. Courtesy

“…a courtesy that transcends friendships, a courtesy which reaches to the stranger, to the aged, to all men.”

5. Comradeship

“As long as we remain faithful to these pledges, as long as there is an Order of DeMolay — we are one.”

6. Fidelity

“A DeMolay can never justly be false to his vows, his promises, his friends, his God.”

7. Cleanness

“Only in cleanness can a DeMolay rightly be representative of the pureness of our teachings.”

8. Patriotism

“…each day affords new opportunities to stand as good and upright citizens in behalf of that beloved banner and our hallowed land.”