Big Brother – DeMolay Orientation Program

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DeMolay is a mentorship organization.  Commonly, older more experienced DeMolays take on the added responsibility to orient new members as to the overall organizational structure, the Chapter, and DeMolay customs and tenants.  Institution of a structured Big Brother Program, or Orientation Program, can help jump start and organize the process of converting new DeMolay novices into DeMolay Veterans.

So why is it important to have DeMolay Big Brothers?  When you think about your Chapter, who are the most effective leaders and recruiters?  With little exception, it is the passionate and experienced DeMolays leading the charge in both leadership development and membership recruitment.  If a new member is inducted, but does not jump in with both feet, as the Big Brother Program reinforces, what is the likelihood that member will continue to be active in the future?  The answer is, of course, not very likely.

By executing this program with your new members, you can and will convert new members into active and vibrant leaders in a record pace, all the while giving your best leaders a chance to take an active role in guiding the future of their Chapter.


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